Aditya Goela, CFA

Aditya Goela, CFA

Co-Founder and Trainer at Goela School of Finance LLP | Chartered Financial Analyst® | Proprietary Trader | JoshTalk Speaker

The best Investor age for the Markets is 60 Plus

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Great Investors have made 99 % of their wealth after the age of 60 years.

Like Warren Buffett and George Soros



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Investor/Trader  Education is a  must, just as it is for an Engineer / Doctor/Chartered Accountant/Lawyer or  for any other profession. Investor Education is about Fundamentals Analysis to pick out Quality Companies, where  growth is visible for years to come, where there are moats for the company to withstand competition etc. Technical Studies to learn how to time the entry/exit for our investment and trades and lastly Behavioral Finance for understanding the human behavioral mistakes we make in investing due to our emotions of greed and fear.

Therefore Investor education is of utmost importance, to be able profit from Trading or Investing. This would enable you to know What to buy, When to buy, How long to hold and finally When to sell.

It is advisable to undergo a training programe to do well in markets. It would not be out of place to mention that it a very small price you pay for a education programe, which would actually be the best investment for you.


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  1. Hi
    I would like to know if you have any online training program as I am a full time employee and working in the Gulf.

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